Everyone living with MS is
unique and has their own
Hear from an
advocate, an expert
a mindfulness
teacher, and more.


MS Is Personal: What Does That Mean to You?

Hear personal stories from others living with MS and an expert neurologist as they talk about why MS is personal to them.

MS Is Personal: Working with Your Healthcare Team

Everyone’s relationship with their healthcare team is different. Get some insights from Dr. West and people living with MS.

MS Is Personal: Why Health Equity Is Important

Ann Marie and Victoria share their own experiences about health equity issues within the MS community.

MS Is Personal: Finding Support in the Community

One size does not fit all when it comes to support. Hear how others living with MS found support within their community.

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Biogen is a proud new sponsor of the Medical Stories docuseries airing nationwide via the local PBS stations. Meet Dawn and learn how her diagnosis changed her life as a Black woman in the MS community. Be on the lookout to watch her full story soon!

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