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Stay informed

Explore articles and videos with health tips, inspiration, and news. Customize the type of content you’re interested in seeing for a more personalized experience.


Create custom reports and reminders

Record your symptoms, mood, and physical activities. Easily create reports to share and discuss with your healthcare team. You can also set up appointments and medication notifications based on schedules discussed with your healthcare team.


Access different exercise options

We worked with healthcare specialists to create exercise programs that have people with MS in mind. After talking to your healthcare team, you can choose from 3 different levels of intensity based on your ability and comfort level. Remember, everyone's experience with MS is different.


Connect with Nurse Educators

Access Nurse Educators who have extensive knowledge of MS. While your healthcare team should be your primary source of information for any questions or concerns you may have, our Nurse Educators are also available to answer questions about MS.

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Tools that may help with your mobility

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