You—and your world—are so much bigger than your multiple sclerosis (MS). That’s why Biogen is committed to discovering and developing treatments, and also building services that can help as you live your life with MS.

Above MS™ was developed for everybody affected by MS, no matter where you are in your personal journey. And it’s our hope that we can support you in different aspects of your life—from talking to your doctor about your treatment plan to hosting a dinner party in your home. No matter what you’re doing, we understand that it’s helpful to hear how other people with MS have done it. That’s where our expert contributors come in.

Our MS expert contributors are a very special part of the website. Everyone who contributes to either has MS, is knowledgeable about MS, or is an expert in their field—including a fitness instructor, an HR specialist, and an occupational therapist. Here, they’ll share their experiences with you through articles, videos, and more. With their help, we hope to create a community where people can share their insights and expertise and learn from others who know what it’s like to live with MS. They’ll provide their tips on everything from traveling with MS to creating exercise routines. 

In addition, you’ll also find articles from Biogen, providing you with additional information on understanding MS, addressing lifestyle changes, and more. And as much as we’d like to help you find a specific Biogen treatment, we cannot, as this is a decision that must be made between you and your doctor. But we can help you learn about the different types of treatments from pills to infusions. Be sure to discuss your symptoms and treatment options with your doctor. Together, you can decide which treatment may be right for you.

Take a look around, read some articles, or watch a video or two. You might be surprised by what you find. Don’t forget to sign up for Above MS so you can access all the great features that help simplify the way you view the site. This includes getting recommended articles, and the option to save articles and videos you enjoy. And be sure to come back and visit us often. We’ll be updating our website regularly with new content from our expert contributors and more.

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