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A great deal of multiple sclerosis (MS) information, support, and resources can be found online. To learn more about MS, connect with others, or get the latest research, visit the links below.

This list of organizations does not imply an endorsement from Biogen or the listed organization.

MS organizations

Professional organizations


Home & Travel

10 tips for traveling with MS

From Paul P.

Daily life with MS

4 ways to help avoid holiday stress

From Gina F.

Mental & emotional health

Maintaining mindfulness at work

From Biogen


See what delicious recipes people with MS are whipping up—start exploring

From Biogen


Relationships & Support

Building relationships while living with MS

From Stephanie B.

Relationships & Support

Dating with MS

From Ann Marie J.


Want to know more about MS? Download our brochure today

From Biogen

Relationships & support

Having the MS talk with your kids

From Charlie “Justice” B.

Relationships & support

3 ways to show you care

From Cat S.

Relationships & Support

Intimacy & MS

From Dr. Tufeld

Relationships & Support

Parenting with MS

From Robyn F.

Relationships & support

A Q&A about love & MS

From Jessica T.

Relationships & Support

Responding to 5 common MS comments

From Shari S.

Relationships & Support

Support from my 8-year-old

From James T.

Relationships & Support

Support partners: the unsung heroes

From Cat S.

Relationships & Support

The importance of being a good communicator

From Mary Kay F.