Encouragement if you’re newly diagnosed with MS

Newly diagnosed with MS? Jessica, Julie, and Kai share their perspectives on dealing with a diagnosis


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Hear from our Above MS contributors who share helpful advice on how to maintain a positive outlook after getting newly diagnosed.


What advice would you give to someone diagnosed with MS?

Jessica T.: I know right now is really tough, and it's hard, but I want you to know it's just a period of time. That it's a journey, and you can paint your life with MS however you choose that it will be. Just take a little bit of time and be gentle with yourself.

Julie W.: So I really try to encourage people who are newly diagnosed to embrace a statement that became very important to me: I’ve learned to realize that I have MS and that MS doesn't have me, and that if I think about that before I choose to do any activity, it really helps me to be optimistic and excited about doing something different.

Kai S.: I remind people to find your own pace. No one sprints it the same, and if you do, if you judge yourself by everyone else’s sprint, you might think you’re always failing. So someone may look at me and feel like, “You can’t have MS, you must have never really been sick,” and not knowing that I have had to find my own pace in this race, and you may not be in alignment with me, but you’ve got your own pace if you want to win this race.




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