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 Dining Out With MS


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Everybody likes to get out of the house for a good meal with family or friends. It just requires a little bit of extra planning when you have multiple sclerosis (MS). Here are some tips for dealing with the challenges of MS (like mobility and fatigue) so you can focus on the cuisine and conversation. Be sure to talk to your healthcare provider if you have any questions. He or she should be your main source of information.

Be an early bird

If you tend to run out of gas when the sun’s going down, consider a late lunch or early dinner. It will be less crowded, so the staff can better address your needs, and the atmosphere will be more relaxing.

Take a power nap before you head out

Not everyone’s schedule will allow for a nap. However, resting before you go out can help give you more energy throughout the meal. This can be especially handy in case conversation starts to drag.

Request a table near the door

Usually there are more tables available near the door so you may not have to stand and wait for a seat. Plus, you'll have a shorter walk to and from the car.

Have a friend do the driving

Why get behind the wheel if you don’t have to? By having someone else do the driving, you can relax both coming and going to the restaurant.

Don't be shy

Most servers are willing to help. But they can’t help if you don't speak up. If you have a question about the menu or want to make a food substitution, ask politely.

Eat right, order light

Fried foods and creamy gravies may taste delicious, but try to stick with healthy choices. Go for broiled or grilled chicken or fish, or lean cuts of meat and fresh vegetables instead of filling up on heavy foods.

Indulge in moderation

If you decide to drink alcohol, it’s important not to overdo it. One glass of beer or wine may be enough. As for dessert, it may help to take a bite or two and then pass it on. Better yet, try ordering the fruit cup. You may feel better after making such healthy decisions.

Don't let mobility issues stop you from enjoying a night out on the town. AXS Map is a mobile app that allows people with mobility issues to find, rate, and share accessible spots.


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