MS Support From Your Children


See the different ways an 8-year-old supports his family living with MS

Learn how staying positive can have a positive effect on your MS.

If you’re a parent who has MS:


  • Explain everything to your family so they understand what is going on with your MS
  • Let your family be involved in your care and helping out
  • If you need help, don't be afraid to ask. We know more about what’s going on than you think we do, and we want to help


If you have a parent with MS and want to help: 


  • Be patient. Moms and dads sometimes take longer when they have MS
  • Make time. It only takes a second to help out
  • Be a good listener. They listen to us, so we need to listen to them
  • Make them laugh if you can. Laughing always makes people feel better


Jacob is great with doing everything he can to be a good kid and a great supporter of his mom. When asked what message he wants people to get from this, he said, “Tell your kid that you have MS. It might scare them a little, but it will be OK. Also, kids like helping since parents help us with things.”


Counseling as an option

From Jessica T.—Social Worker