Tools & Games for People Living With MS


Puzzles and brainteasers to help keep your mind sharp

It’s been shown that frequent mental exercise may be linked with improved cognitive performance. Talk to your doctor if you experience any problems with your memory or cognition. Here are a few games and techniques you can try that may help:

Sudoku for MS


This game challenges you to use logic and math to solve a gridded number puzzle.

Crossword Puzzles for MS

Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles are a great way to challenge your mind. They test your memory, spelling, and critical thinking skills. 

Visual Memory for MS

Visual memory

In this simple exercise, all you need are common household items and a friend. Select 5 to 10 different objects. Have your friend place the items around the room one at a time, showing you where they place them. Leave the room and write down where each item was placed. You should be able to complete this exercise in less than 10 minutes.

Game Shows for MS

Game shows

Watching TV tends to be a very passive activity. One way to engage your mind during this downtime is by watching game shows. Many shows challenge your memory and critical thinking.

MySidekick App for MS

MySidekick™ app

This free app can help with your MS by tracking mood, energy, activity, sensation, and memory. Download the MySidekick™ app at the App Store today. While you’re there, you can look for other memory game apps for your digital device. Some apps are free and others are just a few dollars.

Ask your doctor or neurologist to suggest other mental exercises you can do at home. You can also check out the final Above MS brain games section.

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