Maintaining a positive outlook

Jessica, Julie, and Kai share their perspectives on keeping a positive attitude


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How do you maintain a positive outlook?

Julie W.: I think being joyful in those that are around you in situations throughout. I really love to be in the moment and present. Being authentic and being very real in that has really been beneficial to me.

Kai S.: I think because I’ve managed the disease for so long, realizing that the sun does come back out, it won’t rain forever, and learning how to adapt and seeing how you can bring your support network perhaps to pick up those little gaps that you may have missed on those times when you’re not doing good. And you’re not always positive—you get angry. But I always remind myself that I’m grateful that I have a condition that there are treatments for. And just knowing that exercise and doing things at your own ability can help you to get through those rough moments.*

*Remember to talk to your doctor if you have questions about your condition or experiences.

Jessica T.: There’s a couple of things. I think one, owning how you feel, you know, acknowledging that you’re having a hard day. Talk to someone who might understand, contact your support network, and then being gentle with yourself. That’s a hard thing to do. And know that you can create your life with MS.


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