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Above MS ambassadors share their thoughts on living with MS


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Holly M.: If I could say one thing to MS, I’d say “Watch out, ’cause Holly’s here.”

Bernardo C.: MS is not going to stop me and can’t keep me from staying active and engaging in my life.

Remember, everyone’s experience with MS is different.

Sheri P.: I will be as positive as I can be every single day of my life. I will not let it bring me down, no matter what—no matter what challenges I am facing.

Sheri P.: I concentrate on the things I can do, not on the things I can’t do. I am motivated to live a healthy lifestyle as best I can.

Bernardo C.: My family motivates me. My son motivates me. I spend a lot of time with my son and with my family, and that’s something that I think about. It keeps me moving.

Holly M.: Seeing my daughter be free and able to be a strong woman and make her own choices—that motivates me. I had her when I was 40, and right after I had her, I was diagnosed with MS. I want to continue to be in her life. That gives me the energy to keep going.

Bernardo C.: If I knew someone that didn’t have a support partner and was feeling alone, I’d tell them as best they can to try and find ways to reach out to other people, to reach out to others like them.

Jessica T.: Look. Reach out. Connect with others—because you’re not alone.

Sheri P.: If I could say one thing to MS, it would be, “You’ve actually been a blessing in my life, as strange as that sounds. You’ve taught me to slow down, reflect, and be thankful.”

Jessica T.: Having MS has changed my perspective because it allows me the opportunity to live more fully, to really pay attention to what matters most.

Bernardo C.: I spend a lot of time thinking and realizing that today’s what matters, and the people that are around me are what matter.

Holly M.: One thing MS can’t take from me is my love for life.

Jessica T.: If I could say one thing to MS, what I would say is, “You can be a part of my life, but you’re not going to be in charge.”

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