Health insurance & MS

What to consider when you select a health plan
Health Insurance and MS


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Part of what we do at Biogen is help people with multiple sclerosis (MS) on our therapies afford treatment through their health plan. We want to help people living with MS and their care partners to not only learn about their disease and potential treatment options, but also to navigate a complex health insurance system.

During open enrollment season, you may have the opportunity to review your options for health insurance coverage and possibly make a change. Your employer or benefits provider can provide you with the exact dates. It is important to know that open enrollment gives you a chance to look for a health plan that offers the best coverage for your treatment plan.

The options

There are many types of health insurance plans, each with different levels of coverage and cost. These plans fall into 2 basic categories:

  • Public: These are government-funded programs, such as Medicare, Medicaid, and the Health Insurance Exchange. These provide coverage for people who are older, have certain disabilities, or have limited financial resources
  • Private: These include health maintenance organizations (HMOs), which arrange care through a specific network of providers. Other types of private insurance plans feature a wide choice of providers, but those plans tend to cost more

Whether you choose a public or private insurance, it’s important that your plan:

  • Meets your specific needs
  • Provides enough coverage for your treatment
  • Offers services to help you manage your disease
  • Allows you to see the healthcare provider you want

Choosing a health insurance plan that's right for you is important. Make sure you discuss any questions or concerns you may have about different plan options with your benefits provider.

At Biogen, we care deeply about making a difference in the lives of people with MS. Our goal is that no one should have to forgo treatment based solely on financial limitations.


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