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There is a wealth of well-trained and caring professionals who can help you address the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). And with the right resources, you can best prepare for the unique challenges ahead.

The person you’ll likely work most closely with is your neurologist. He or she  specializes in the evaluation and treatment of the nervous system. In addition to your neurologist, here are some other healthcare professionals you might consider adding to your support team:

MS Nurse

Works with your doctor to coordinate care and support your treatment regimen.


Leads your rehabilitation team and designs a plan to help you maintain as much function as possible.

Physical therapist

Designs an exercise program to help keep you active and manage your strength, balance, and coordination.

Occupational therapist

Provides various tools and strategies to help keep you productive and independent at home and work.


Guides you in how to plan and prepare for healthy, nutritious meals that you’ll enjoy.

Speech therapist

Addresses any potential problems with speech, communication, or swallowing issues.

Social worker

Helps you and your family connect with support resources and handle disability forms.


Specializes in evaluating and treating mood, behavior, and emotional disturbances as well as cognitive changes.


A psychologist who specializes in evaluating and treating behavior and cognitive issues, including memory, attention, and problem solving. Learn more about psychological support.

Remember to discuss any issues or concerns you may have with your team. They can help provide you with smart solutions and support to better manage your MS.


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