Tips for talking with your doctor

Jessica, Julie, and Kai share their tips for talking and partnering with your doctor


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How do you talk to your doctor about MS?

Kai S.: I think having that open, honest relationship is necessary. As a person with a chronic illness, you need to have chronic management with someone that you trust, someone that's open. Not every person is a good fit for each physician.

Jessica T.: So effectively communicating of course is making sure that you’re telling the right message to the right person. What I do personally is I prepare. I’ll sit down and I’ll make a note or write questions that I have, and then also tell him symptoms that I’ve been experiencing. That’s probably the primary thing.

Kai S.: I think I do realize that these docs have a certain timescale sometimes. So even if they’re pushing their pace, you need to hold to your ground to get your agenda covered and not just let them push you through the numbers. A squeaky wheel gets the oil is something my mama has always instilled in me.

Julie W.: I think by having a team that supports me and encourages me, it gives me the freedom to pursue my dreams and to be all that I can be as a person—as a mom and a wife and a friend, and as a professional—because I have the support of great people behind me.


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