Tips for Staying on Track for People Living With MS


Find tips to help you stay on track and remember your daily activities

There are many ways you can make it easier to remember the activities of each day.

Remembering your medicine

  • It may help to take your medicine along with another daily activity. This could be with a meal or when you brush your teeth
  • Set a reminder on your phone that goes off at the same time each day

Monitoring symptoms

  • Keep a journal of your symptoms. Write in it every day or just when you have new symptoms and share these with your doctor
  • The MySidekick™ app is one option where you can easily record how you’re feeling and what you’ve been doing. Learn more about MySidekick

Getting exercise

  • If there’s somewhere nearby you often drive to, try walking. It may be a nice change of pace and can add exercise to your day
  • Simple exercises, such as yoga and Pilates, may help. Find a local class. Most instructors are happy to tailor their class for people living with MS. Watch a video with a few yoga poses you can try at home

Be sure to talk to your doctor about finding an exercise routine that works for you.


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