Honestly MS: Opening up about difficult topics

A series where Above MS ambassadors address uncomfortable challenges associated with MS symptoms


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Remember, everyone’s experience with multiple sclerosis (MS) is different. Your healthcare provider is, and always should be, your primary source of information.

Sheri P.: When you're talking about bowel or bladder, or even if you're talking about cognition issues or anxiety and depression, those aren't really comfortable topics to talk about.

Holly M.: One of the most difficult topics I might want to talk about with my friends would be my continuing bowel issue. It may be taboo to talk about going to the bathroom, but you know...

Sheri P.: Understand that MS can affect you in so many different ways. And it is very important to take these things seriously. So, I was silently struggling with what was going on with me, and it's taken a toll on my relationship with my husband.

Holly M.: I would say—whoever your partner is—that he or she is patient with you, listening and talking about it, being really open.

Sheri P.: If you want to say you're in denial in a sense with what's going on with us, we can be hurting ourselves.

Holly M.: Keeping it in, inside, and trying to figure it out yourself, I don't think is as helpful as trying to get more people and their opinions, you know, out there.

To find additional support, call an Above MS Support Coordinator at 1-800-456-2255. Hear more from Above MS ambassadors in our other Honestly MS videos.


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