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Dealing with memory problems

Tips and tools for those who may have cognitive concerns

For some people, multiple sclerosis (MS) may lead to cognitive problems. This can make it difficult to remember things or to stay focused on a task. Here are some tips to consider that may help you work through these issues:

Keep notes

You can write things down, record them through voice memos on your phone, or type a list on your computer.

Stay on schedule

Whether it’s taking your medicine, keeping an appointment, or just remembering a daily activity, it can help to have reminders. Use your smartphone, an online calendar, or a whiteboard in your home to help yourself remember important events.

Shop smart

Whenever you think of something you need from the supermarket, make a note. Keep a list on the fridge using a magnetic notepad. If you have a smartphone, keep an ongoing list in your notes program. As you shop, cross out or remove the items from your list.

Save your place

The GPS in your car and the maps program in your smartphone can help you get around. They also allow you to save locations. This can be helpful when remembering the location of a new doctor’s office or where you parked the car.

Everything in its place

It’s easy for anyone to misplace keys, a wallet, or glasses. Keep track of yours by putting them in the same place every day.


When you’re trying to pay attention to an activity or a conversation, eliminate distractions. Turn off the TV, radio, cell phone, or computer.

Ask your neurologist if you have any questions or are having any cognitive difficulties. He or she may suggest other activities to help build your cognitive skills.



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