Accessorizing while living with MS

Find ways to accessorize your outfit when living with MS


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Shoes and accessories can really make an outfit. But with multiple sclerosis (MS) added into the picture, we really need to think about some added concerns, like comfort over style. So I've put together some things that I wanted to share with you today that might make this a little bit easier for you.

First of all, this is a pair of shoes I'd love to be able to wear in my dreams. But I'd also rather be sure to avoid broken bones. So I'm going to pass on those. Instead, I do prefer now to go with really a low heel, or no heel at all. Flats are great, especially when they have a little flex and a really comfortable sole. When it's summertime, I love to add in some color. And I'd love to do that with a fun strap on top.

But I have to make sure. And what I've learned is that it's all about the width of the shoe. Sometimes I might want a little bit more of a heel, but I've found that I can go a little taller as long as the width of the heel is nice and wide. The skinny, you know, spiky heels—that's not going to happen. And when it's boot-wearing season, I love the fact that I can have a really stylish boot on top, but I don't have to sacrifice durability and comfort, and a nice, wide, stable heel on the bottom.

Also, I love accessorizing with jewelry, but I don't like to deal with little clasps and tiny closures on necklaces and earrings. So I always make sure that earrings are easy on, easy off. I prefer the little hook kind that just come right off really easily. You don't have to struggle with anything. Little posts, you know—I'm not going to deal with that. And when it comes to bracelets, I like to be able to slide them on and off so I don't have to struggle with little closures on those either. And then necklaces, I love just being able to take them right on and off really easily. I like nice, long necklaces for that reason.

A scarf has become another great accessory piece for me. I love wearing scarves. This one is just so nice and simple to put on, but it just adds a whole extra layer of warmth also. But you can lose that layer if your temperatures rises, and it also adds a nice little splash of color and pattern. Another type of scarf I love is the infinity or loop scarf. These are just a giant circle. So all you need to do to wear these is loop them once and loop them again, and then you end up with a great look that was super easy to do, and another layer that you can remove.

As far as purses and wallets—I mean, guys, we know that you've got it easy with your wallet. But you know, for the women, we love our purses. But if you're dealing with a mobility device like a wheelchair, cane, or a walker, the last thing you want to do is worry about lugging around a big bag or purse. So my favorite go-to purse has become the cross-body. And it's such a nice, comfortable, and simple way to carry around what I want to have with me—my wallet and other necessities—but in a real easy way. So, with this one, you just put the nice, long strap right over, and you've got what you need with you at all times. They're really easy to find. They come in lots of different styles, colors, and sizes. I use a nice big one when I travel. Because it's a cross-body, I'm hands-free. So that's great for traveling and dealing with airports and getting around. The last thing I want to do is be using my hands to carry a purse.

I hope those tips help you to accessorize, and to do it with style, comfort, simplicity, and flair.


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