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Being comfortable and stylish is difficult enough for most people. But when you add multiple sclerosis (MS) into the picture, things can get a little more challenging. So today I'm going to share some ideas and tips with you that might make this whole process a little bit more simple for you. First of all, I know I used to love, back in the day, to stroll the mall. Well, that doesn't really happen anymore.

So, when I do go shopping, I first look online, always. I love online shopping. But when I need to go to a store, I make sure that it's a smaller store that I can get to easily as far as the parking. I want to make sure it's easily accessible. And I like to know always where the bathroom is once I get inside the store. Also, I look for pieces that are classic and versatile, and are easy on and easy off.

I don't like to spend a lot of time and waste energy dealing with fastening and different kinds of closures on my garments. So, simplicity is key. Also, I always want to be prepared with an extra set, an extra outfit, with an extra set of undergarments, just in case, just to be prepared. It's like a first aid kit. We hope we'll never have to use it, but just in case we do, it's nice to know that we have it ready.

Also, I always make sure that I dress in layers. I don't want to get overheated. It's not a good thing. I like to have jackets, cardigans, things that can be easily removed or added if I need them. One of my very favorite looks is actually to wear a solid black tee or something underneath, a cami, and then a colorful cardigan or something over that. Something that could be easily removed and adds a nice splash of color, but is a really simple, easy look to pull off.

So I hope that helps. I hope that gives you some great ideas to help to make yourself feel a little bit more fashionable while still remaining comfortable.


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