A day in the life of MS

Learn how one woman manages her MS symptoms throughout the day


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My name is Julie, and I have multiple sclerosis. I have been living with multiple sclerosis for more than 20 years now. I would like to take you on a journey to discuss managing MS symptoms throughout the day.

When my alarm goes off in the morning, I’m not quite ready to start my day. So I need something energizing to get my wheels turning. I turn to my exercise routine. My exercise routine will help to increase flexibility with tight spastic muscles, helps to—me to maintain my balance and coordination, increase in strength, and definitely helps me to maintain my stamina and energy throughout the day. 

I turn to foam rolling, core and strength training, cardio conditioning, as well as yoga poses for flexibility. I mix things up to make sure that I have a good balance within my exercise routine. I also make sure that I am very well hydrated, both during my exercise routine as well as throughout the rest of the day. This helps me get off to a great start. Now, I’m off to finish my exercise, and then head off to the rest of my day.*

After I begin my workday, I challenge myself with positive energy. I wear this wristband to remind me that attitude is everything, to help me keep a positive attitude, especially during difficult situations. Once the busyness of the school and work day are completed, it’s time to come together as a family. Dinner time is family time. We reconnect together during a healthy, well balanced meal at a much slower pace to help decompress from the day. Then we move into bedtime rituals, using relaxation techniques, with relaxation sounds and music to help ensure a good night’s sleep. Rest and recovery are imperative after a full day of activity and stressful conditions.

Eating healthy, maintaining hydration, challenging my body through exercise, challenging my mind through work and brain games, and allowing myself to laugh and relax are all keys to function, and restore myself for another day full of love, laughter, and hope. This is Julie, signing off to complete this day in the life with MS and prepare myself for a better day tomorrow.*

*Be sure to speak to your healthcare provider before beginning or changing any exercise routine. Your individual experience may vary.


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