Using technology to your advantage

Four uses of technology that may help you lead a healthier life


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Your friends, family, and healthcare team are all excellent resources that may help you reach your relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment goals and guide you along your MS path. But there's even more support out there—and it's digital. Here are just a few online resources to consider that may help you and connect you with others in the MS community.

Your doctor is always the best resource when finding ways to manage your MS symptoms, so be sure to talk to him or her about these or other technologies that could also help you.

Watch online videos

Online videos are useful because they may create a more intimate connection with a viewer, and they can be more engaging than just reading text. They can help educate you on general topics relating to MS, or offer specific tips on things like dealing with your diagnosis and exercising.

Join online support groups

In general, support groups are a great way to connect with others who are going through an experience similar to yours. There’s a wide range of support groups available online. With the help of online support groups, you can talk about what's bothering you, hear from others living with MS, or share your own experience with others around the world—all without leaving your house. 

Download mobile apps

There are a number of different apps for your smartphone that you can use to order clothes and food, get movie tickets, and check the weather. But there are also plenty of apps out there that can help with your lifestyle.

Health-focused apps are an option that you allow you to monitor your diet and physical activity, connect with doctors over video chat, and track your symptoms and treatments. Downloading these apps to your smartphone is very easy, and many are free. Some apps can even send you reminders to take your medicine, schedule your next doctor appointment, or attend a doctor appointment coming up. 

Did you know? 

The Aby app from Above MS can help you track your symptoms so you can share information with your healthcare team.

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Connect to wearables

Along with mobile apps, wearable devices are a great way to track your activity. Wearables are digital devices that can be worn on the body and easily synced to your smart phone or computer. This technology can be worn on your clothes or body, often in the form of a wristwatch or band, and are used to track your daily health activity—including your step count, heart rate, and sleep schedule. 

By using a wearable device, you can easily monitor your activity without having to think about it. They usually work with a mobile app, so if you purchase a wearable, be sure to download its accompanying app. Remember to share the data you collect with your doctor. This way he or she can be more informed about your daily activity.

Technology is supposed to make our lives a little easier. Whether you have MS or not, using technology can be a great way to learn new things, connect to others, and track your health. It's important to do your own research and find out which one may work for you, but all of these may be worth a look. 



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