Types of relapsing MS treatment

Learn about the common types of relapsing MS therapies
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Advances are being made that help us better understand multiple sclerosis (MS) and address it. Although there is no cure for MS, there are disease modifying therapies (or DMTs) available. Common goals of DMTs include:

  • Reducing the number of new or changing lesions in the brain, which can be detected with an MRI
  • Cutting relapses
  • Slowing disability progression

The best option for you depends on many factors, including your treatment goals and preferences, which you should discuss with your doctor.

What are the main types of relapsing MS treatments?


Pills, also known as oral medications, can come in tablet or capsule form.


Infusion treatments are administered intravenously (IV), usually through a needle in the arm. They may be given less frequently than self-administered therapies and are typically administered by a healthcare professional in a hospital, infusion center, or doctor’s office.


Injectable therapies are another way to treat relapsing MS. Your doctor can show you, or your care partner, how to use a needle or autoinjector to inject the medication under your skin or into your muscle tissue.

Be sure to discuss your symptoms and treatment options with your doctor. Together, you can decide which treatment may be best to help with your relapsing MS.


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