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Being your own best advocate

Find tips to help get the best results from your treatment

When it comes to treating your multiple sclerosis (MS), it’s important to play an active role in your own healthcare. By working closely with your doctor, you can get a better understanding of MS and the different treatment options. To help you track and share how you’ve been doing and feeling with your doctor, one option you can use is the MySidekick™ app offered by Biogen.

Tips for getting the most from your doctor appointment

  • Be prepared for your appointment
  • Keep a journal of your symptoms and mood, so you can share this information at your appointment
  • Ask any questions that have been on your mind
  • Take your time and get all of the answers you need
  • If you don’t understand something, ask for more clarification
  • Take notes and keep them with your other important MS information
  • Have your doctor write down any instructions he or she might give you
  • Bring a tape recorder to assist in your recollection of the discussion

No one knows your body better than you. It’s important to monitor how your treatment is making you feel, and communicate that to your doctor at every appointment. Here are some other ways to play an active role in your MS treatment:

Discuss treatment sooner rather than later

MS is a progressive disease and can get worse over time. Keep a journal of your symptoms. Tell your doctor if you experience any changes in the way you feel.

Continue treatment as prescribed

Day to day, it’s up to you to take your treatment as directed. You can set reminders to take your medicine and fill your prescriptions using your computer, watch, or smartphone. It’s also important that you follow your doctor’s instructions throughout treatment.

Evaluate treatment

Keep track of how your symptoms change over time. Work with your doctor to make sure you’re getting the best results possible.

Ask your doctor about your treatment goals and what you can do to meet them. Staying on track with your treatment is an important part of managing your MS.


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