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3. Manufacturing

After demonstrating patient benefit and safety, Biogen submits the new drug to the FDA for registration and approval. Once we get approval, we manufacture the new treatment in large quantities. Our quality team manages compliance and supervises consistent and dependable production. At the same time, our supply chain group makes sure that we are able to get our therapies to patients. These skills allow us to supply medicines to appropriate patients in over 90 countries.

Here is an example of what the overall process looks like:

MS Research and Development Process

MS research is a marathon, not a sprint

Thanks to advancements in tools and technology, we are looking at the human body in a whole new way. Throughout the discovery and development process, we may uncover things that lead to new information about MS and treatments. However, it’s not always smooth sailing. There are times when we find a dead end or run into setbacks. This isn’t always a bad thing. It may lead us down a new route. It may force us to take a step back and look again at the way we’re doing things. These challenges can be disappointing, but they're an important part of a complex research and development process. Both the setbacks and successes provide invaluable data. They help guide us to find our next potential treatment.


What you may expect from treatment

From Dr. Coyle—Neurologist

Relapsing MS Treatment Expectations